Dark Digital Minimalistic 2024 Planner by AND

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Making Goals And Tasks Is Easy But Sticking To Them Is Hard!

Procrastination, endless planning, and researching are the ultimate hamster wheel for every entrepreneur or creative. I know it from my own experience. What I learned through these past years is:

  • If you don't have clear, measurable and specific goals, you will never achieve them
  • Starting with big monthly (quarterly) goals and shrinking to small daily tasks is the fastest way to achieve them
  • Visually tracking progress helps with being consistent (time blocking in Google Calendar for example)
  • If you have an accountability buddy is even better, but if you don't just have a reminder of why you are doing this in the first place (your main motivator)
  • Make sure to include personal goals along with work-related ones, because it gives a sense of balance

On New Year's Eve, I decided to create this planner for myself where I can easily see and track my progress in one place. All important tasks and goals are in one file.

If you are ready to start changing your habits and ultimately your life for the better...

Get the planner today!

Remember: Planning is nothing without action!

Happy New Year, and good luck! 😊✨

Digital 2024 Planner For Meaningful and Intentional Goals details:

Size: It comes in the original size of A4 or

  • 3508 x 2480 px
  • 4210 x 297 mm
  • 8.3 x 11.7 inches

File type: PDF

Number of pages in each version: 7

  1. Cover
  2. Monthly goals
  3. Weekly goals
  4. Daily tasks
  5. Journal prompts
  6. Quotes to keep you going!
  7. Stay in touch!


  • You can use it on your tablet and iPad with the supported apps that can open PDF files
  • You can print it out from any copy/print studio or home printer
  • This is not a physical product
  • You can download it directly after purchase

I want this!

One PDF file with the dark version of the planner including 7 pages. Light version available too.

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Dark Digital Minimalistic 2024 Planner by AND

0 ratings
I want this!